Why You Should Join SYNND

SYNND becomes more powerful with every new member.

Each member adds more promotional power to the entire network.

Imagine an army of 1,500+ people promoting your content across social networks and article networks and you’ll have a hint of the power of SYNND. We are constantly seeking new marketing channels that can be leveraged by our army of people, computers and servers to grow the power of the network. As we add more members and more marketing channels you WILL NOT have to pay more. You’ll be grandfathered in at today’s price and will never see an increase.

SYNND is all about leverage; sure you could hire a few full time outsource workers to do what SYNND does but they would only be limited to tasks they could do themselves in an 8 hour day. With SYNND you are leveraging a community of hundreds to perform tasks across thousands of social network and article accounts. To achieve the power of SYNND you would have to:

  • Hire over 1,500 outsource workers
  • Buy thousands of computers
  • Maintain thousands of IP addresses and servers around the globe
  • Hire a staff of IT and programming professionals
  • Figure out how to squeeze 466+ hours of “raw promotional tasks” out of an 8 hour day

How much would it cost to maintain all of this on your own?

We can say for certain that it would NOT be cost effective to spend over $300,000 per month to maintain 1,500 part time workers, computers, servers, IP addresses, IT and programming staff and network management staff. With SYNND you get the equivalent of all this for a fraction of the price.

SYNND is clearly worth $2000+ per month but we’re not going to charge that… Not yet anyways.

Is SYNND Right for Me?

If you own a website, blog or are publishing content of any sort to the Internet then you need to promote… You NEED marketing. The question is, do you want to spend 80% – 90% of your time wrapped up in marketing chores or would you rather outsource it to the SYNND network?

SYNND leverages your time so you can focus on what’s important… Your business!

SYNND puts these tasks on auto-pilot for you…

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Higher visibility from up to 1,500+ members making up to 105,000 references to EACH piece of your content throughout the social web
  • Higher exposure in the social networks to rise above the noise
  • Get “noticed” in social networks through the power of 1,500+ people coordinated on increasing your visibility
  • Traffic in growing numbers
  • Initiates the viral spread of content by injecting it in the most popular social networks. If you your content is WORTHY or human to human spread, then it will happen with SYNND behind you.
  • Automatic distribution of UNIQUE content to the top article directories (coming in 3 weeks)
  • More time to spend on growing your business instead of working endlessly to market it
  • The power of a team…Your new 1,500+ outsource partners

What is the value of automating your marketing?

We say it’s priceless but for a limited time you can join the Synnd Network for only $97 per month and you’ll never see a price increase as long as you remain a member

Join SYNND today and get locked in at today’s rate >>>

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