How We Set Up Your Campaigns

What Does Our Staff Do For Your Campaigns?
1. We set up the promotion levels that you have requested for each module, but will modify slightly to meet the requirements of each module (e.g. you set a max of 50 per day, but only 25 is allowed)
2. We take the title, keywords, and tags that you provide and set up unique, spun versions, that include tag sets, title sets, and descriptions.  The keywords will be used in the additional titles, tweets as hashtags, and descriptions we create

Can I Add A Module Once I Have Submitted The Campaign For Set Up?
You can only add a commenting module on a campaign that has been made active.  As an example, you decide that you want to add a bookmarking campaign after not including it for a URL campaign that you submitted the day before.  You would need to create a new campaign for the same URL and designate bookmarking as the module you want to use.  To add Facebook and Google +, you can do that once the campaign is active by going into the URL from Campaigns –> Campaign Setup under the navigation on the left.  Then go to the Campaigns tab.  Add new campaign.  For Twitter, you can do this as well, but you will need to get your own shortened URL (can use, and create your own message (don’t forget hashtags for SEO!).

How Long Does It Take For My Campaigns To Go Live?
During weekdays (U.S. hours), our goal is to have campaigns set up within a few hours, but at least in the same day. On occasion, there will be certain days and times that have a higher number of campaigns that need to be set up, so the time may be slightly longer.