Social Media Marketing – Why You Should ‘Like’ Social Proof

Posted On: Apr. 14, 2011  |  Author: synnd

Climb on the Social Media Marketing and Social Proof Wagon

If you’re involved in marketing and you’ve got your ear to industry blogs you’ve likely seen the surge of content coverage social media marketingregarding various updates from Google.  The most prominent and discussed is the Panda/Farmer update that put a lot of heavy weight on social proof for ranking.  The other is the addition of the Plus One system from Google to effectively ‘+1′ items in the search results.

Surrounding both of these topics is the emphasis on the fact that social proof is having a massive effect on the way sites are indexed and deemed relevant within a given niche.  While this is important, it’s not the end all be all of social media marketing.

How quickly we forget the obvious…

How to Get Social Media Marketing Wrong

Social media marketing is turning into a buzz words in so many circles with focuses on search rank and relevancy and we’ve become so accustomed to the heavy use in such a short span that we’re missing the most important part of what social media marketing really is.

What’s worse is that it’s easy for fledgling business and upstarts in the infancy of their social media outreach to misunderstand the process and miss the fundamental basics of what social media marketing really is.

It’s social – it’s about connecting with people.  That’s right – believe it or not there are people in social media that you’re trying to connect with.  With these recent changes, people are already trying to figure out how to leverage social media for building links and relevancy.  Start putting more emphasis on the process and not the people and you’re sure to fail.

What’s worse is that businesses will get so caught up in trying to get something out of it that they miss the mark on what to put in.

Social media marketing does have different meanings for different people.  Some of us used to prescribe to the idea that “marketing” and “social media” didn’t belong together because you can’t sell among your peers but after years of building our own SYNND system we can see that they do indeed belong together and they should be taken in a specific way.

And while search is changing, that doesn’t mean that social media should change, or how we truly leverage it.

Social Media Marketing is Social Proof. Period

Link building and search relevancy aside you should seek to improve social engagement and social media marketing outreach to build social proof.  If you build enough buzz around your content, your product, your brand, etc then people will continue to feed off that viral spread.  You will be validated by the social proof.  The more people carry you, the more your visibility spreads.  If you’re leveraging social media properly, that social exposure will be more than enough.  You won’t have to worry about pushing up your rank for certain keywords by gaming social proof because you’ll get more than your share of action from all that social activity.

It doesn’t matter how much emphasis Google puts on social media – nothing has ever been able to beat effective and quality referrals or word of mouth and that’s exactly what social proof is; social media marketing brings about social proof that is the most powerful form of digital word of mouth.

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