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Posted On: Apr. 1, 2011  |  Author: synnd

Social Media Marketing – How to Find the Time for Content Marketing

Bucking Frustration with Content for Social Media Marketing . Most of us know that you need to do more online to share through content marketing.  Even small business owners are growing acutely aware of the Social Media Marketing need for this type of content and user engagement.

What’s frustrating is the fact that they know a change in their marketing is necessary but finding the time to utilize all the Social Media Marketing tools and various routes of content marketing is next to impossible.

At least when you’re staring down a to-do list that looks like a pre-trip checklist for the Titanic.  That one labeled “don’t sink” is probably staring you in the face.

With a great deal of work on the plate of a business owner you can’t imagine even adding more to it when you’ve spent the last few months trying to streamline your business in order to free up personal time.

Now we’re going to add work with content for Social Media Marketing ?  Forget it!

Content Marketing – An Example in Real Estate

Did you know that more than 80% of home buyers turn to the web to find information relating to homes for sale, foreclosures or other local listings?  While the old practices had families and potential buyers casing neighborhoods and asking friends and family about property, the web makes it easy to find a close fit for a new house.

This means that a majority of the client’s for a real estate agency will find them only after digging around on the web.  This is a perfect example of an opportunity to use content marketing in order to attract a target audience.

A real estate agent could utilize a blog and article resource directory to provide a great deal of information on how to choose a home, how to investigate a neighborhood, tips for hiring a remodeling contractor once a home is purchased.

Likewise they could give detailed information on local neighborhoods that give buyers insight.  If that content marketing is optimized, it’s much easy for local buyers to find the content.

A Case for Social Media Marketing

If you decide to avoid content marketing, or you skip the chance to get involved in social media marketing, you’re bypassing an unlimited number of opportunities to interact with potential as well as existing customers.

Intentionally leaving content marketing to the side is like an ice cream truck driver who opts to travel through an under-developed subdivision instead of the neighborhood two blocks over with children and families playing in their yards.  Eventually, the ice cream truck driver is going to have to close up shop unless he changes tactics.

To survive, you need to supplement your existing marketing with the new age of social media and content marketing.

Finding the Right Balance of Time and Effort for Social Media Marketing

While it’s necessary to do something in terms of content marketing, you don’t need to devote 30 to 80 hours a week in Social Media Marketing, blog production, writing articles, etc.  With that said you still need to devote some kind of time.

The key to success is consistency, because a stuttering Social Media Marketing plan doesn’t do as well.  Your followers don’t know when to expect content, and that means they’re less likely to pay attention.  What you wind up doing is doubling your promotion just to make sure that everyone knows you put new content out.

A perfect balance in your Social Media Marketing can often be as simple as a few hours a week on specific days.  Here are some quick tips to structure your content marketing on a minimal level:

  • Set up a small time slot a few times a week to do some listening where you look for related discussions or trending topics that might give you fodder for content or for sharing with your audience.
  • Schedule an hour every morning to make a simple update to your social media profiles such as Twitter or a Facebook business page – even short posts are considered content marketing.
  • As part of the hour for social media, find a few blogs or discussions relevant to your market or niche and comment or join the discussion
  • If you see any topics that would make a great article or blog post, jot them down.
  • Once a week write up a blog entry for content marketing purposes using insight from your weekly discussions and listening/browsing.

When you’re just starting out, you don’t need to invest in a community manager or hire a bunch of people to watchdog your Social Media Marketing accounts.  You can devote a little time every day to spend on your profiles, discussion threads and listening dashboard in order to refine a Social Media Marketing strategy that will gradually improve your online visibility.

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