Content Outsourcing – When Your Pen goes Limp Call The Cavalry

Posted On: Apr. 1, 2011  |  Author: synnd

Utilize Content Outsourcing You Shall – One With The Force You Are.

Content marketing is a magic machine that can generate a lot of social oomph, social proof and fuzzy credibility with your target audience.  The content outsourcingdownside is that for some business owners it’s just impossible to find the time – or the internal resources – to generate topics, do the research and produce the content.

Beyond that taking the time to inspire sharing and get that content posted can be even more time-consuming.  You don’t need Jedi powers to juggle all the workload – relief isn’t far away as there are numerous options for content outsourcing to keep the referral engine chugging along.

Content Outsourcing From Around the Globe

While there is a variety of sources to use for your content outsourcing, you should recognize first and foremost that while it’s great to feed the content machine, your content outsourcing should adhere to specific styles and a voice that fits your company.  Likewise, the content outsourcing you choose should resonate with your customers.  Meeting those criteria helps it integrate seamlessly with your site and your other forms of content marketing.

Options for Content Outsourcing

Content Outsourcing with Curated Content

Consider an art curator who works to bring together the most timely and attractive pieces of art in a gallery based on interests and trends.  A content curator works in much the same manner.  Instead of producing content or having that content written especially for their business, a business owner relies on content outsourcing to services that share content based on category or relevant search terms.

Content outsourcing by curation does not equate to copying content.  Essentially, the site owner would provide snippets or clips of content with links to various sources on the web.  If you chose this method of content outsourcing you’re essentially doing the legwork to locate well written, extraordinary content for your target audience.  They eventually learn that they can come to you for the most relevant pieces all in one place.

There are services that provide content outsourcing and curation through a feed simply by selecting categories and keywords as mentioned above.  The most well-known are Curata, Eqentia and Lingospot.

Content Outsourcing with Co-Created Content

Another way to utilize content outsourcing is to turn to industry experts in order to share content with your target audience.  In some cases the content outsourcing may cost you but some are happy to provide guest content simply for the byline and ability to associate themselves with another strong brand.  The exposure of sharing content helps both parties.  For example, if you provide organic pet products you might call on a professional husky breeder like and request an article or short blog post on natural diets for pure bred canines.

Another great example would be a wine store partnering up with a food blogger to provide content that pairs popular food selections with wines.

Co-creating content as a means of content outsourcing lets you save time and resources while still reaching into your target audience.  The benefit to co-creating content however is that while you provide a byline for most of the content that content is still being shared in full within your domain – giving you the full social proof and SEO benefit of the content.

Content Outsourcing – Crowdsourcing at Its Best

User generated content is a great option for many communities and business owners that don’t have the resources to produce content but they have a passionate following and an audience with a desire to share their knowledge.  Essentially you turn your content outsourcing over to the very people you’re trying to market to.

This type of content can be anything from product reviews to guest posts, articles, recipes, personal stories and more. provides a space for adoptive parents to share their success stories while also providing a section on their site – within the blog – for biological mothers to talk about the challenges of giving a child up for adoption.

There are various modes for sharing with your followers within your domain as well as through social media.  Whatever method of content outsourcing you choose, always remember to ensure that the content you share provides value, education, information and perhaps even entertainment to ensure that your readers can gain from it.

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